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MSLABELLED – Nominated for a Digi Award – 2015 – Best Digital Series, Fiction

V Morgan

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“Schick Launches YouTube Web Series to Reach Younger Customers”
The Globe & Mail

In an early episode of the new online video series MsLabelled, the spunky protagonist, Ella, explains why the Internet is so influential: “Young people with money to spend, they don’t want corporations telling them what to buy,” she says. “They want real people giving them authentic suggestions.” As it happens, Ella herself is partly created by an advertiser, in hopes that her authentic voice will influence young consumers.

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“Watch Jeanne Beker’s New Online Comedy Series ‘MsLabelled'”
Hello! Canada

“The show is clearly resonating with its young target audience, with the first episode garnering more than 160,000 views on YouTube so far.

“I’m excited to be contributing to this new wave of transmedia programming that will undoubtedly resonate with all those cool, young women out there who can never get enough of the enigmatic world of fashion,” said Jeanne.”

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“Introducing MsLabelled, The Next Big YouTube Show Every Fashion Lover Needs to Know”
The Gloss

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“Go deeper inside that arctic base in 3 new clips from Ron Moore’s Helix”

“Each clip focuses on a different aspect of the base and research company, from interviews with scientists to an internal training video that is interrupted by that mysterious black goo. Considering the fact that the Battlestar Galactica mastermind has kept most of the details under wraps thus far, it’s a nice peek behind the curtain.

The series follows a team of researchers investigating a deadly pathogen at an arctic research base. The show stars Billy Campbell, Jordan Hayes, Jeri Ryan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Kyra Zagorsky, Mark Ghanimi and several others.

It definitely has a Thing vibe, and could be one of the creepiest new shows of 2014.”

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“‘Helix Promos: Ron Moore’s New Show Promises There’s a Price for Playing God”

“It’s been a couple of months since we posted the first teaser for Helix, but a few new videos showed up this week. In fact, there are quite a few, which tease tone and horror more than specific plot points, and we’ve got them all below.”

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“Helix Goes Ultraviolet and Ultra-Creepy With New Teaser”

“”At Arctic BioSystems, we use meditation to counteract the effects of stress,” a peaceful voice tells the three people sitting cross-legged under ultraviolet lighting. She encourages them to relax their minds and focus on a meaningful word, progress. Most of the minute-and-a-half video teasing Syfy’s new series Helix seems like little more than a teasy glimpse at a meditation session. What works so great about it is the calming effect the video actually has on the viewer before revealing the incredibly creepy sight of a woman bleeding black stuff out her eyes. Seems like things are about to get very un-calm at Arctic BioSystems.”

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“‘Helix’ Debuts New ‘Access Granted’ Promos”

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“Bolt Cutters in Paris: A Quirky Love Story”
Written by Richard Propes

“There’s much love and humor in the air during writer/director Zoe Robyn’s delightful and quirky short film Bolt Cutters in Paris, a 15-minute short film about Molly (Karlee Fomalont), Momo (Mohamed Elachi, A Prophet & The Incredible Hulk), a pair of bolt cutters and a couple of punks.

… Shot on location in Paris, the recently completed Bolt Cutters in Paris is already an official selection of the Brooklyn Girl Film Festival, Portland’s Women’s Film Festival and last weekend’s Dam Short Film Festival in Nevada. As Molly, Karlee Fomalont is an absolute joy, weaving together a healthy dose of Doris Day meets Sarah Silverman into the persona of a young woman who just wants to move on after a relationship goes bad. In this case, “moving on” involves the not so subtle destruction of a romantically engraved padlock located in a place of honor in the City of Love.

… Much of the credit for the film’s success must also go to director Zoe Robyn. Robyn nicely paces the film, which also at one point feels like a quirky cousin film to Julie Delpy’s 2 Days in Paris.”

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“23 Actually Funny Web Videos About Sex, Etc.”
Splitsider & Huffington Post
Written by Jesse David Fox

“Sex is a thing people generally like, like a lot, so videos about said sex tend to get a lot of traffic. Because they’re non-stop fountains of clicks, people make a lot of sex-related sketch videos. The problem is most of them are SUPER unfunny. It’s not inherently unfunny topic; it’s just that it’s an arena that attracts the lowest common denominator. The worst of them are like beer commercials but worse and more rapey. The best of them, however, are genuinely very funny. They tap into the absurdity that is a mating ritual not too dissimilar to that of monkeys. And monkeys are funny. Here are 23 that are actually funny and well-written. None feature nudity but, come on, you know they are NSFW. Well, unless you work at some freaky, funky sex dungeon/palace. If so, tell Mistress Diane, I said, “Hi.””

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KNPR State of Nevada Interview with Zoe Robyn
“Dam Short Film Festival”

Zoe Robyn is interviewed on KNPR about her short film “Bolt Cutters in Paris”, an official selection at the Dam Short Film Festival.

Listen to the interview here.


Director Zoe Robyn represents “Bolt Cutters” on the Dam Short Film Festival’s directors panel.

Director Zoe Robyn answers questions about “Bolt Cutters” at the Dam Short Film Festival Q&A.

Director Zoe Robyn & lead actress Karlee Fomalont pose after the “Bolt Cutters” screening at Dam Short Film Festival.

Director Zoe Robyn.

Director Zoe Robyn.

Director Zoe Robyn.